Weiss MAN301 V1.2 update (Sept. 3rd, 2014)

MAN301 base station software: 1.2.0 requires Weiss MAN app on iPad > V1.7.0 applicable manual: 1.2.0

Release Date: September 3rd 2014, 12:36
Release Notes: MAN301 Basestation Operating System V1.2.0 (r5690), Feature Release, Requires iPad App Weiss MAN ≥ V1.7.0

  • New audio setup concept within user session
  • Playback setup: manage & playback imported media
  • AirPlay setup: use the MAN301 as an AirPlay sink
  • Preamp setup: use the MAN301 as a preamplifier
  • Audio output stream
  • External synchronization.

V1.1.4 of the MAN301 software has just been released.

  • Enhanced audio backend driver – audio driver sync path re-written and enhancement.
  • Updated operating system
  • Database assisted tagging
  • Firmware update support for all Weiss Firewire products
  • Enhanced medialib management
  • Import progress display
  • Remote customer support added
  • Huge audio buffer for slow NAS
  • CPU management for better UI responsiveness
  • Mac OSX ≥ 10.7 CIFS mount fix
  • various fixes & stability measures

V1.1.1 DSD (First MAN301 software version supports DSD file playback)

  • support of the Gracenote database, the professionally maintained metadata and cover art database
  • DSD64 and DSD128 file playback and metadata editing
  • substantial speed enhancement for library views and searches
  • possibility to find and correct all those tracks which do not have the metadata set properly, e.g. lacking artist name, album name, track names
  • automatic artwork fetching in selectable artwork sources
  • various fixes and enhancements

Weiss MAN301 V1.2 Guide by Kent Poon

Please download MAN301-V1.2 中文 PDF from here: Currently in Chinese only. But the screenshot should be easily to read.

NEW – Customer Support

  • Setup a customer email address. The system will send you an email to confirm the email address.
  • Remote Diagnostics. If you need help, you can config this to allow Weiss engineers enter your  MAN301 system to check up and help solve your problem. It is an remote login function.
  • Support Chat. This allow a chart windows between you and Weiss switzerland engineer.
NEW – Library Import Status

  • Library (Album Artist Filter).
  • Compilation Display
  • Huge buffer for slow NAS

Library Import Status  shows you the procedure, and total tracks.

NEW – Powerful Tag Editor, fetch grace note database by TOC

NEW – Direct playback DATA disc, e.g. HiRes Reference Recording HRx.

Opus3 DSD Showcase 2 from (www.dsdfile.com) is a must buy album too.

Using MAN301, my own AJP free DSD samples carry metadata and artwork. Bravo!