DAC501/502 & DSP501/502

DAC50x software V1.8 is released. (Feb 2019)

DAC50x software V1.8.0 is released. (Feb. 7th 2019) / Release Notes: DAC50x. Version 1.8.0, Revision r1927.

DSP50x software V1.8.2 is released. (Feb. 21th 2019) / Release Notes: DSP50x. Version 1.8.2, Revision r1946.


MAN301 software V1.2.1 is released. (November 7th 2014, 15:52)

Release Notes: MAN301 Basestation Operating System V1.2.1 (r5737), Feature Release, Requires iPad App Weiss MAN ≥ V1.7.0

V1.2.1 of the MAN301 software has just been released. It is a big step forward in terms of features and enhancements, including:

  • audio backend followup
  • artwork scan revision
  • new audio setup concept within user session.
  • playback setup: manage & playback imported media
  • airPlay setup: use the MAN301 as an AirPlay sink
  • preamp setup: use the MAN301 as a preamplifier
  • audio output stream. External synchronisation
  • huge audio buffer for slow NAS
  • various fixes & stability measures

V1.2.1 The clock sync signal path re-design and enhancements with supporting external sync. With the 1.2.1 release the MAN301 becomes one of the most advanced network players. It sports powerful features like CD ripping and metadata tagging with the help of the best metadata database, Gracenote, extensive search capabilities, radio streaming, DSD64 and DSD128 file playback and a lot more. It is also supporting Airplay which user can easily airplay their music content from iOS devices to MAN301.

One password you will have to remember (of course they are on the manual):

If you would like to use MAN301 as Firewire DAC, your computer is required to install the Weiss Firewire Panel:
 Firewire & USB products

As many of you may already discovered, we have updated a series of Weiss drivers as well:

  • Windows USB Driver – Sold before December 2015 supporting DSD64 and 192kHz.  (Note, OSX does not require USB driver)
  • Windows USB Driver Sold after December 2015 supporting DSD128 and DXD384kHz (Note, OSX does not require USB driver)