Welcome to Asia Weiss, Switzerland Weiss Engineering Asia regional head office in Hong Kong.

We take care distribution, retail, support and promotion for Weiss Engineering Ltd. in Asia region. Weiss manufactures digital and analog audio equipment for quality conscious people. Expect no less than excellence in design, ergonomics and sonic quality.

For a short history, Asia Weiss Limited was established 1st, January, 2010.
It is a join venture between Weiss Engineering Ltd. (Switzerland) president Mr. Daniel Weiss and audio consultant/producer Mr. Kent Poon. The commitment is very simple to supply state-of-the-art audio ­equipment to music studios and residential customers alike.

In last decade, Asia Weiss has earned a brilliant track records in the high end audio industry.
Asia Weiss Limited currently has four direct regional offices including Hong Kong, Taiwan Taipei, China Shanghai and Japan Nagoya. The other countries we setup regional distributor partnership and reseller network throughout the whole Southeast Asia. You can find more information from the Authorized resellers page. We are still looking for good partners in the region.

Weiss products are long life span. Our first consumer product MEDEA d/a converter was launched in the year 2000, and is still able to upgrade various latest connections such as DSD/USB or DLNA audio streaming.

2017 Weiss Engineering releases new generation 5 Series platform. First time in history they combine some of the highest quality DSPs with supreb d/a converter and analogue output stages. For example crosstalk cancellation XTC regenerates binaural recording in 3D Audio.

2020 Weiss Engineering and SUPSI (www.supsi.ch) research team earns a patent regarding 3D Audio playbacks with crosstalk cancellation XTC technology.

2021 Daniel Weiss earns the Grammy’s Technical Award, for his decades of development in digital audio achievement.

2021 Kent Poon is appointed as Chief Technology Office CTO for Montreux Jazz Festival China MJFC, which is the new wing extension of the most famous music festival in Switzerland. (www.montreuxjazz.com)

2022 Weiss Engineering releases second generation 5 Series Mark II – DAC501-MK2-4ch / DAC502-MK2-4ch All DAC501/DAC502 are upgradable to the latest DAC-4ch by replacing the d/a converter and analogue module with new DSP updates.