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Golden MAN Network Player

If you own MAN301 with Weiss MEDUS or MEDEA+, this news is not much related. You already have our flagship system. 2014 is Weiss Engineering 30th Anniversary, and we plan to have a very special product – The Golden MAN Network Player.   Key features: Weiss 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. Manufactured in 2014 exclusively. Premium Golden DAC module. This is based on Weiss own flagship discrete single ended output Operation Amplifier (OP-Amp) design. It uses a discrete, balanced output OP-Amp design which performs at a stellar level. The current MAN301DAC model sports a high quality D/A Converter section which is based on our renowned DAC202 D/A Converter unit. John Atkinson wrote in Stereophile about it: «The Weiss DAC202 is the best-measuring D/A processor I have measured in my quarter-century career at Stereophile. It just doesn`t get any better than this». Hard to beat, you would think, but we did it. Anyone who has compare MAN301DAC with flagships MEDEA+/MEDUS notice the advantages on Weiss discrete OP1-BP. We have modified this modular single ended OP-Amp design and transformed to a new balanced discrete output stages for Golden MAN. This Golden DAC module will be few levels ahead of original MAN301DAC. Anyone heard MEDEA+/MEDUS understands what this means. MAN301Server and MAN301DAC units can be easily upgraded with the Golden DAC module. We think the upgrade prices are far better value than any external DAC in far far more expansive range. Of course there are also huge benefits from MAN301 software platform. For example, if you have not notice, the MAN301 supports DSD and DXD (352.8kHz and 384kHz sampling rate.) file playback. This software platform will be continuous to develop with more features, higher playback audio quality. The upgradable modular design, and [...]

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MAN301 G-Audio

Weiss MAN301一起生活的三星期 / 評論家-山本耕司先生 現時的PC AUDIO突破,追求理想及可能性機器 一度曾經因為麻煩及種種原因放棄過PC audio的山本先生,在這個三星期與追求理想及可能性結果而出現的WEISS MAN301共同生活後,得出了新的變化。 雖説「入鄉隨俗」但MAN301並不是普通的USB解碼,從第一台出廠經過若一年時間後,引發出更多「它」的能力。和MAN301一起的三星期,我已經越多越上手了,新買回來的CD直接播放,抓軌後再播放,或用NAS連接播放也可以。USB和火線的HDD也可作連接,我的朋友們把他們的HDD拿過玩也是可以的。 音質絶不含糊,是清涼及率直而優美的聲音。 他日DSD音源播放功能都支援後,就是一台更強化的數碼產品,將來版本更新備有更多功能,令人充滿期待。(註: DSD升級已經支援)

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