Weiss 5 Series DAC501-DAC502-MK2

DAC501-MK2-4ch & DAC502-MK2-4ch are Weiss 5 Series 2nd generation D/A converter and network renderer with unique DSP technologies. The different between DAC501 & DAC502 are 1) the width of the chassis 2) DAC502 has 4pin XLR balanced headphone amplifier output. They have identical sound quality and features. The DAC501 / DAC502 (or DAC50x in short) are extremely versatile and pleasantly sounding D/A Converters. They are available for close to 6 years now and still going strong. In our ongoing journey to achieve a live-like music reproduction we now introduce the Mark II versions, called the DAC501-4ch and DAC502-4ch. Our residential audio engineer, Joschka Weiss, says in comparison to the former DAC section the -4ch version “achieves another level of sonic performance”. Read more about the MK2-4ch below. >> What is the purpose of the MK2-4ch versions? The MK2-4ch versions use one of the latest DAC chips with stellar technical specifications. So the MK2-4ch versions make for an enhanced 2 channel DAC, with the same features as the DAC501 / DAC502 units sport. The sonic characteristics of the MK2-4ch versions are on a higher level with incredible transparency and openness. Both line output stages and headphone output stages are built with discrete electronics developed from the standard DAC50x. All standard DAC50x units can be upgraded with the MK2-4ch version. It is a new analog section module to be installed in the unit plus a new software needs to be loaded. It is our goal to keep our equipment upgradeable for long-term securing of your investment. The standard DAC501 / DAC502 units we continue to manufacture. In addition the MK2-4ch versions will be capable to play 4 channels simultaneously once we introduce the necessary software. This also [...]

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It is a great share with all fans that Weiss MEDUS has won Product Of The Year (POTY) Awards by Hong Kong HiFi Review magazine. If you would like to read the full review, please click here

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MEDUS HiFi Review

MEDUS is group reviewed by Hong Kong HiFi Review magazine! IF you would like to download the PDF, please click here. (12.2MB)   .

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MEDUS Stereo Sound192

MEDUS - 和田博已 (Stereosound) 高純度品位鋼琴的余韻直至舞台上方,高貴,豐富地漂動著MEDUS取代前flagshipMEDEA,機能等方面的提升成為品牌最高級型號。本次省略了傳統的firewire接口,成為一款印象更強烈的consumer型號。配合金嗓子DP900播放CD,音質純度極高,清澈透明,感覺到其高品位。鋼琴的余韻直至舞台上方,高貴,豐富地漂動著,感覺著她的力量,低音結他共鳴的豐厚及鋼琴的大小也像能傳達給你一様。使用MAC BOOK PRO播放24/96高清檔案,在空氣中澄澈地表現著空間的描寫,鋼琴手柔和且優雅的與琴弦接觸也能傳達播放DSD規格的交响樂,氣勢不停的申延,音樂細緻的描繪更是天下一品。同時亦充滿著強勁的爆發力。本機遙控功能使她可作數碼前級使用。

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感謝音響論壇主編劉漢盛先生又一出色評論。 多謝侯姐和音悅的合作伙伴。Medea+ 是Weiss的旗艦解碼器。內部的解碼和模擬輸出是Weiss2011的最新設計。原來的Medea 解碼是1999年所設計的。兩者外型大致相同,但代表了Weiss兩代旗艦10年技術的進步。 有關Jason/Medea的希臘神話,在2004年在我們推出Jason CD轉盤的時候,有打算將來DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD-Rom的轉盤。現在的Medea,也可以有齊AT&T,電腦數位流播放CAS的Firewire,及傳統AES/EBU, SPDIF。 下一個接Medea+的訊源,應該是個男子。先賣個關子。一個月後公報。(MAN301) 音響論壇是華語最重要的雜誌之一,每期資訊在音響和音樂的完整度很高,大家應該多多支持。 普洛影音網電子雜誌專區


JASON / MEDEA+ MyHiEnd.com

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