50x Platform Software V2.0 is released

DAC501/502 & DSP501/502 DAC50x software V2.0.0 is released. (Jun. 11th 2019) / Release Notes: DAC50x. Revision r2097. DSP50x software V2.0.0 is released. (Jun. 11th 2019) / Release Notes: DSP50x. Revision r2095. New Roon Ready feature is added. Brochure 小冊子: English / 繁體 / 简体 / 日本語 Manual 說明書: English / 繁體 / 简体 / 日本語

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This is a short article regarding Weiss latest generation d/a converter DAC50x (DAC501 and DAC502) DSD playback via UPnP (ethernet connection). However this applies to most UPnP/DLNA renderers. DSD has never been an official format. Most of the DSD files in the market are either ripped by PlayStation 3 3.55 firmware or Bluray ripping method. Recent years there are few DSD128/256/512 sources from specific records companies. DSD ISO is the whole SACD disc image and not a file format. It may includes both stereo and multichannel audio tracks of the SACD disc. DSDIFF (diff/dff) is one DSD file type that has no metadata. In short if you are an audiophile you would like to convert DSDIFF to DSF, otherwise your music server will be very complex without metadata. DSF is the most popular DSD file type that allows embedded metadata and artwork inside the file. Convert all your DSD ISO DFF to DSF is recommended. If you would like to know more about these formats and conversion tools, please read my previous article here "DSD file format" Weiss DAC50x comes with well executed Windows 10/8/7 driver includes WASAPI & ASIO 2.2. Apple USB Class 2.0 core audio driver requires no driver installation. Both drivers support bit transparent connection for PCM 352.8kHz* and DSD64/DSD128 thru USB DoP (DSD over PCM). *Note that current DAC50x V1.2.0 r1455 (2017-06-29) does not support 384kHz sampling rate at the moment. This of course will be change. User should not worry about supporting sampling rates. Weiss DAC50x input is based on a DSP platform (Weiss DAC50x DSP stays at 40bit floating point @ 195.3kHz). This DSP input platform can adopt any future format. IF you are using [...]

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China technical assistant 国内保修支援

For all Weiss Engineering China customers, In order to provide the best quality services, from May 1st, 2017 all technical assistants and after sales services will be directly handled by Asia Weiss Limited. Please contact us directly for all assistants we may provide. Thank you very much for your attention. 简体中文版 PDF 請閱讀這裡  

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Fake Weiss support center

We have received enquire about a Weiss authorised repair center in China. We would like to verify that we have never authorise any company or person to service Switzerland Weiss Engineering products. If you have any question, please contact with us. Unauthorised repair product will be voided warranty and without support. 我们收到客户问Weiss在中国的授权维修中心。我们想验证我们从来没有授权任何公司或个人服务瑞士魏斯工程产品。如果您有任何疑问,请与我们联系。 未经授权的维修将导致产品保修,我们将会不支持该产品。 我們收到客戶問Weiss在中國的授權維修中心。我們想驗證我們從來沒有授權任何公司或個人服務瑞士魏斯工程產品。如果您有任何疑問,請與我們聯繫。 未經授權的維修將導致產品保修,我們將會不支持該產品。 Asia Weiss Limited 亞洲威仕有限公司: RM616, 6/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 九龍尖沙咀梳士巴利道3號星光行616室 Tel: +852 3563 9545 Email: [email protected]

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