EQ1-frontEQ1 seven-band equalizer

Medus-front MEDUS reference digital to analogue converter

DS1-frontDS1 compressor, limiter, de-esser

DAC502 dsp d/a converter and network renderer

DNA1-front DNA1 de-noiser, de-clicker, ambience processor

DSP502 digital interface, network renderer and audio processor

ADC2-front ADC2 a/d converter

DAC501 dsp d/a converter and network renderer

DAC1-front DAC1 d/a converter

DSP501 digital interface, network renderer and audio processor

MAN301-front MAN301 music archive network player

DAC202-front DAC202 mastering digital to analogue converter

INT204 usb/dsd digital audio interface

SFC2-front SFC2 sampling frequency converter

AF1-front AFI1 firewire interface

INT202-203-Back INT202/ INT203 firewire digital audio interface

Chrion-Digital1 CHIRON cables

MEDEA+ reference digital to analogue converter

A1-front A1 preamplifier, de-esser

SARACON1 SARACON sampling frequency converter

Update Now

Update to the latest Software version of Weiss products!

5 Series - DSP50x & DAC50x Software V2.0.0 - Roon Ready
Update Now

Latest Instagram Photos:

Weiss 5 Series has won Japan AEX2020 award! This is the 7th Product of The Year awards from international audio media. ...

16 0

This weekend HK AVShow2019. We will have our flagship combo 5 Series DSP502 & MEDUS demonstration. Please feel free to join our seminars here: http://bit.ly/2Yn7x2S ...

17 0

Two pairs of speakers for demo. New 5 Series provides Roon ready for streaming, Gambit mastering processors powerful DSPs, DMM vinyl simulation etc. it is a new audio product category! ...

18 0

Last Saturday we made an event in Guangzhou MusicGarden with our current flagship DSP502/Medus combo. With XTC we can place a pair of speakers this close and create a much larger soundstage like the next photo. ...

16 0

This Saturday we will have Kent Poon presents a demonstration event in Guangzhou Music Garden for our flagship combo DSP502+Medus. Feel free to join and learn about the new DSP platform. ...

11 0

AVF2019 entrance ticket $60 will includes 3 days pass and a limited edition HQCD. ...

10 0

Kaohsiung Hiend Show2019. We use MAN301 all in one music server for Dutch&Dutch8c digital active speakers. DAC501 has installed the beta software to support Roon connection. We even stream DXD audio resolution files via WiFi connection. ...

13 0

After Shanghai SIAV2019, we switched to Taiwan. Can you see the left hand side Weiss logo? Our Taiwan office and showroom is established at December of 2016. ...

8 0

We demonstrated the powerful XTC. The width of the soundstage goes way beyond the speakers limitation. ...

16 0

Our SIAV2019 show system! The legendary Jason CD transport and Medea d/a converter! We use Roon beta software for streaming. ...

13 0

Weiss 5 Series has won the SIAV2019 special award! ...

12 0

Weiss Series 5 are not ordinary expansive audio boxes, it packs with unique tools to sculptured and tailor your system sound! ...

20 0

Happy Chinese New Year from Asia Weiss! NEW *DSP501 & DSP502* audio processors are ready to deliver! Perfect combination if you are MEDUS user, or prefer other fine DACs in the market! Weiss quality digital interface (AES, SPDIF, Toslink, USB and LAN UPnP streamer), plus unique Weiss mastering quality DSP processing. Unique 4 channels output allow connections to two separate stereo DACs, digital headphone amp & speaker combo, or two different stereo DSP speakers. Each stereo output has its own independent signal path. That means you can have individual Room EQ, DMM vinyl simulation, XTC for two different sets of speakers. More info will be provided very soon. If you would like to have DAC included, the DAC501/502 are the hot cakes! ...

25 0

Asia Weiss would like wish everyone a great new 2019! We will continuous our engineering mindset to provide truth high end audio experiences for audiophiles in both pro audio and consumer worlds. ...

28 0

A German Free online audio magazine with Weiss DAC502 review #asiaweiss #squarewavehifi #weissengineering

12 0

DAC50x is USB Audio Class 2 device supports Windows, Mac and Linux. If you look at the red icon, you notice playback is now output via headphone. DAC50x Class A headphone output is designed to drive AKG K1000 in R&D lab, works with DXD and DSD too. The front panel is a touchscreen display. ...

8 0

Fidata latest firmware update can streams DoP directly to DAC50x. UPnP support PCM 44.1 to 384kHz, DSD64/128. If you streams FLAC files, the metadata can also display on the front panel. Unicode supports. ...

18 0

DAC50x and Fidata can stream PCM (DXD) & DSD via both UPnP and USB connections. The simplest way just work. Update your Fidata with our new firmware. ...

21 0

Weiss DAC50x new firmware V1.6.0 r1698 has upgrade the Room EQ that can performance L/R independent settings. Plus going up to 20,000Hz and high shelf that almost every system needs! These tools are not toy or special effects. They are based on true professional mastering tools that can improve your system sound uniquely. #asiaweiss #squarewavehifi ...

21 0

2018 HKAVShow a new room matching equalizer will be launched. Mr. Kent Poon will demonstrate the procedure and starting schedule home visit for room measurement and calibration services. Register today and join us at Hall3X28! https://bit.ly/2M22G0j
#asiaweiss #squarewavehifi #squarewavehk

19 0

firmware V1.5.0 - R1678

DLNA/uPnP now streams:
Wav PCM352.8kHz
Wav PCM384kHz
FLAC PCM352.8kHz
AIFF PCM352.8kHz

Asia Weiss still love 24/96 the most😎 have a good weekend.

13 0

We are so proud that MM1 is nominated for NAMM TEC Awards. ...

11 0

Hong Kong Event - AVF2018 - 九龍灣國際展貿中心 634方浪音響
B) Weiss DAC501/502 用家及準用家大招集! – B1 / B2 / B3

Weiss 最新一代解碼DAC501/DAC502功能甚多,今次我們會集合起來全面示範。由最基本DLNA及USB數位串流播放,接駁有什麼要點,3D 音響重播的驚人水平,以至房間測量及調整音響系統的超過90分鐘教學示範。

如果你有興趣Weiss DAC501/502有什麼特別功能是市場上其他解碼器做不到的,千萬不要錯過今次音響展的活動。由我親自示範及講解,保證90分鐘講座後你可以成為Weiss 解碼的專家! 我們還會送出一套房間測量系統咪高峰給註冊及參與活動的朋友。參與活動註冊名額有限必須註冊及參與活動才可以有機會得獎!
B1 – June 22 星期五 12pm / B2 – June 23 星期六 12pm / B3 – June 24 星期日 12pm

30 1

PSU101 Universal power supply 6-12V, 1A. ...

11 0

Going on very strong events in both Kaohsiung and Bangkok. MAN301/MEDUS/DAC502, we have only a few and long lifespan products. I guess you know we are the top player in digital audio world, cos we are honest and don’t hype about audio technology. ...

13 0

PSU101 is extremely low noise floor power supply that can be match with our INT204 interface. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

9 0

If you are in Bangkok, this weekend we are in BAV HiFi Show with our MAN301 music server, Medus and DAC502 front end! #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

13 0

Kaohsiung Hi-End show this weekend we have MAN301 and MEDUS in RM605! Come to join us! #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

9 0

Kaohsiung HiEnd show B&W Nautilus demo used our Jason/Medus combo as digital front end. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

11 0

An article for DLNA DoPE DSD file streaming to DAC50x #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

19 0

MAN301, latest DAC502 pair with Vitus Audio SL103/SS103 at Taiwan TAA HiFi Show. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

16 0

HiFi Man flagship ShangriLa headphone system US$50,000 with Weiss flagship MEDUS at Taipei TAA show. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

14 0

Sennheiser HE1 €55000 headphone with Weiss 30th Anniversary Golden MAN at Taiwan TAA HiFi show. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

13 0

If you are MAN301/Roon user, you may change MAN to airplay mode and stream your favorite Tidal music through it. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

9 0

Three Weiss generations together! 2004 JASON, 2012 MAN301 and 2017 DAC502! All of them are still the top digital players. Timeless is not an easy term in audio industry especially in digital era. #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

10 0

We are fascinated by reading AES Journal (May 2017) especially by the designer of our products. http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=18733 #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

9 0

Weiss LIVEBOX! One piece stereo speakers that provide XTC 3D Audio! #asiaweiss #weissengineering ...

12 0
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