MEDEA+ d/a converter

MEDEA+ - Weiss longest life span consumer product, over 14 years! Many options and two generations DAC/Analogue board. (Suggested Retail Price HKD$158,000) NEW 2015 Sept: You may now add UPnP/DLNA option to MEDEA/MEDEA+ DOWNLOAD IMAGES HI-RES Brochure English Manual English The MEDEA+ is a reference class digital to analog converter designed with the aim of keeping an absolutely uncompromised audio signal path. Much detail and thought was spent on the digital input as well as the analog output stage. Both have in common the purest possible approach in audio design, aspiring for nothing less than excellence. This is coupled with an ergonomic design that gives the user immediate access to all necessary functions, while keeping an uncluttered and thus easy-to-use front panel. This combination makes a truly professional D/A converter catering for the highest expectations. We engineers at Weiss refuse to accept any compromises in both electronics or software. We built the MEDEA to be immune to jitter down to subsonic frequencies. This means you simply forget about expensive digital audio cables. We also incorporated upsampling (oversampling) right into the DSP, taking the same algorithms as used in our professional audio product range. And we made the analog outputs not only Class A but also very low impedance, which assures that the MEDEA flawlessly drives subsequent cables and input stages. Inputs: There are three AES/EBU inputs on XLR connectors, and one on Toslink (optical). In addition each of the four inputs has an S/PDIF (RCA) connector wired in parallel. The accepted sampling frequencies are 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz. Synchronization: Several signal reclocking schemes are combined for extremely high jitter attenuation, making the MEDEA virtually immune [...]

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MAN301 Net Audio

從今個夏天開始,世界上極高質素的音响工程師也對其垂涎品牌,Weiss MAN301DSD配搭的NAS INTEGRITA環境下,展示給你至高DSD音效的魅力。 Weiss自身引以為傲的DSD格式know-how SACD採用的DSD格式確立之時,還存在著PCM還是DSD的混亂,而其中活躍於世界的sampling rate converter(取様率轉換器)「SARACON」便是Weiss品牌的經典之作。今夏開始,不再只是network環境下,即使是USB audio環境下也可以播放DSD了。 **世界著名studio都在用的SAmpling RAte CONverter(取様率轉換軟件)「SARACON」正是由Weiss開發。就算説聽過的SACD當中一定有使用過「SARACON」的也絶不過份。 因此,大部份音樂愛好者説來也是有間接接觸過Weiss的聲音。Weiss 創業接近30年,從2001年開始加入HiEnd民用市場,AD/DA等高精度製品也滲透著在專業領域久經磨練的氣息。 。。。接著播放DSD檔案了,聆聽著2.8MHz的樂曲,音場展開的立体感,完全感覺不到喇叭的存在。音像的真實感,音埸的空氣感亦能直接品味出來。弦樂的艷麗,人聲的分明,就如嘴角的detail也能描畫出來。究極之完成度,就如見到Net Audio的理想世界。 **現在的Weiss MAN301用戶,只需免費升級固件及iPad的MAN301apps就可以了(而Weiss DAC202的用戶要付費升級對應DSD DoP部份)。這様便能感受到Weiss栽培出DSD的魅力所在。

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MAN301 G-Audio

Weiss MAN301一起生活的三星期 / 評論家-山本耕司先生 現時的PC AUDIO突破,追求理想及可能性機器 一度曾經因為麻煩及種種原因放棄過PC audio的山本先生,在這個三星期與追求理想及可能性結果而出現的WEISS MAN301共同生活後,得出了新的變化。 雖説「入鄉隨俗」但MAN301並不是普通的USB解碼,從第一台出廠經過若一年時間後,引發出更多「它」的能力。和MAN301一起的三星期,我已經越多越上手了,新買回來的CD直接播放,抓軌後再播放,或用NAS連接播放也可以。USB和火線的HDD也可作連接,我的朋友們把他們的HDD拿過玩也是可以的。 音質絶不含糊,是清涼及率直而優美的聲音。 他日DSD音源播放功能都支援後,就是一台更強化的數碼產品,將來版本更新備有更多功能,令人充滿期待。(註: DSD升級已經支援)

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