The Integrita is a high-end NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit which is the ideal combination with the MAN301 Network Player. We are distributing the Integrita in Asia Region.

Your Claim:
Are your audio flles, videos and photos important to you? Would you like to achieve the ultimate in sound quality from your music files?
Are you looking for a music server that integrates in respect of both function and design with your high end HiFi components?
Would you like to be able to store your valuable data securely and be able to stream your stored data smoothly and easily?
Do you want to share your HD video files amongst multiple devices?
Then welcome to the world of certon systems.
Integrita Audiophile Music Server
Integrita is a new audiophile music server from data storage specialists Certon Systems, utilising the highest quality components, Integrita is designed from the ground up to be used in a listening room, its fan-less power supply is filtered against harmonic ripple and its sound deadened 24/7 certified AV hard drives in a RAID Level 5 configuration provide optimised data integrity and security.

In addition to its unquestionable high fidelity audio performance Integrita does not disappoint when it comes to design, available in either contemporary silver or classic black the high tech aluminium face plate and the absence of ventilation fans enables Integrita to fit perfectly into the listening room environment.

Integrita links to a streamer via Gigabit Ethernet and is simple to set up by anyone without the need for any IT experience. In addition to delivering optimised data integrity and supreme audio performance Integrita is fully controllable via the music streamer’s user interface. Furthermore Integrita can stream HD video to any device connected to the same network as well as store photos and any other digital data making it available to be accessed by networked computers and other devices.

Integrita features five 24/7 certified AV hard drives running under RAID level 6 data security meaning that in the very unlikely event of even two hard drives failing at the same time the integrity of the data is not compromised.

Integrita offers 6TB working capacities the latter of which is sufficient to be able to store over 7,500 CDs (when ripped to lossless files), approximately 1,250 DVDs or of course any combination of the two. While the majority of users will RIP CDs to lossless files and/or download high quality music files onto Integrita, the pre-installed DLNA and iTunes server software enables existing music and video files to be simply transferred from your PC, MAC, iPad or tablet onto Integrita and played via your HiFI streamer or HD TV.


Security: RAID level 6 – intelligent data protection
(two hard disks may fail at the same time and the data integrity is maintained)
Capacity: 5 internal hard disks, 10TB total / 6TB usable
Hard drives: SATA-II AV super silent hard drives certified for 24/7 continuous operation
Connectivity: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x eSATA
Management: Integrita Control Centre via web browser
Media Server: iTunes, DLNA, Twonty
Size: 425w x 370d x 140h (mm)
Weight: 11.3kg
Power supply: Fanless, 84% efficient, filtered against harmonic ripple
Power requirement: 60W 100-240V; 50/60Hz
Guarantee: 3 years

About Certon System
certon systems was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the University of Heidelberg to provide internally  developed mass storage solutions for experiments at CERN in Geneva. MD and CTO Lord Hess, a physicist by profession, has subsequently taken certon  systems forward to become a broad market based company developing and manufacturing solutions used by large corporate companies, SMEs and private persons alike. Today certon system’s focus lies in the fields of photo imaging, video, CAD and forensics enabling professional photographers, videographers, engineers, law enforcers and discerning individuals to archive and stream vital data securely.

The key criteria that are central in the above mentioned areas, namely data integrity, capacity and data  transfer speed, are also the primary requirements when it comes to an audiophile music server. Hence certon systems has brought its extensive data storage expertise together with high end HiFi specification components to meet the audiophile’s storage and streaming demands with the Integrita music server.