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Oyaide Neo-W d+1394

High Quality Firewire Cable 高品质1394火线 高品質なFireWireケーブル What is our perspective of a good firewire cable? We understand it is difficult to ask Weiss user to go computer junk store and buy any cheap firewire to use with our high end audio products. We have heard quite many times when the user report they cannot connect the Weiss products to computer, 90% of the problems are come from the firewire cable. The junk computer cables are simply not reliable. On the other hand, there are ultra expansive audiophile firewire cables. We designed our products with engineering background. All Weiss firewire products run in Master Clock mode when using computer as source. This means the clock (timing) is not driven by the computer, but control by the crystal inside Weiss product, nearest to the DAC or real time digital output like AES, SPDIF etc. We do not recommend any expansive firewire cable, although we obviously respect and agree everyone has different definition of the term "expansive". We found Oyaide Neo-W d+1394 cables from our professional audio contacts in Japan. Oyaide is a famous long history cable manufacturer and they designed Neo-W d+1394 for audio professionals in the industry. This cable is just launched to Japan market on April 16, 2010. We had a meeting with the Creative Director Kenichi Sobajima 傍嶋賢一 & Hiroyuki Yamano 山能博之. It was great to exchange audio information with industry affiliate. Oyaide Neo-W d+1394 cables have the following features: Silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductor Double Shielded (most important issue) Foam polyethylene insulator (easy to twist and soft handling) 24K Gold-plated copper alloy terminals Good Eye Pattern Pricing and Configurations: d+ Firewire 6pin(400) - 9pin(800) /0.6M d+ Firewire 6pin(400) - 9pin(800) /1.0M d+ Firewire 6pin(400) - [...]

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Certon Integrita

The Integrita is a high-end NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit which is the ideal combination with the MAN301 Network Player. We are distributing the Integrita in Asia Region. Your Claim: Are your audio flles, videos and photos important to you? Would you like to achieve the ultimate in sound quality from your music files? Are you looking for a music server that integrates in respect of both function and design with your high end HiFi components? Would you like to be able to store your valuable data securely and be able to stream your stored data smoothly and easily? Do you want to share your HD video files amongst multiple devices? Then welcome to the world of certon systems. Integrita Audiophile Music Server Integrita is a new audiophile music server from data storage specialists Certon Systems, utilising the highest quality components, Integrita is designed from the ground up to be used in a listening room, its fan-less power supply is filtered against harmonic ripple and its sound deadened 24/7 certified AV hard drives in a RAID Level 5 configuration provide optimised data integrity and security. In addition to its unquestionable high fidelity audio performance Integrita does not disappoint when it comes to design, available in either contemporary silver or classic black the high tech aluminium face plate and the absence of ventilation fans enables Integrita to fit perfectly into the listening room environment. Integrita links to a streamer via Gigabit Ethernet and is simple to set up by anyone without the need for any IT experience. In addition to delivering optimised data integrity and supreme audio performance Integrita is fully controllable via the music streamer’s user interface. Furthermore Integrita can stream HD video to any [...]

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